Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Long time, no blog!

Our blog hasn't been working for a while but I'm pretty sure we're back on track now, so here goes...
Today class 5 investigated which materials act as conductors and insulators by interrupting a simple circuit. After a few minor hiccups, such as forgetting to include a battery in the circuit(!!), we successfully identified which materials were insulators and which were conductors.
Here are a few comments from the children about their learning:
"I thought that the magnet was going to conduct electricity, but it didn't."
"I discovered that when I tested the scissors, the blade (metal) was a conductor and the handles (plastic) were an insulator."
"I was surprised that all of my predictions were true."
"I discovered that the foil was not a conductor."
"I found that the foil did conduct electricity,"