Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Scientific enquiry continued...

Today Year 5 continued with their investigation following the 'Firework in a jar' investigation of a few weeks ago. The children thought of their own questions based on the results of the previous enquiry. They planned and carried out their own investigations changing the warm water to either milk, cold water or fizzy water, or changing the type of oil from baby oil to sunflower oil. They observed to see if a different reaction occurred and this is what they found...
Milk investigation: "When we poured in the food colouring, it went into little blobs and drained down into the milk and stained it green. There were no little 'explosions' of colour like before."
Cold water investigation: "This was quite a lot different. We think that the cold water was less dense than the hot water so the food colouring fell through the water more quickly than the first investigation. The blobs also started coming back up again."
Fizzy water investigation: "It looked a bit like the original investigation (warm water) except there was about a 2 second delay before the blobs sank. Also some of the bobs of food colouring stuck to the bottom of the jar."
Sunflower oil investigation: "It was all slimey and gooey. It turned green."

'Conscience Alley' for our moral dilemma

Year 5 considered reasons whether David, from our key text Friend or Foe, should or shouldn't help the German airmen who crashed on Dartmoor. 'David' listened to the reasons for and against in a 'conscience alley' before making up his mind about this tricky moral dilemma. He finally decided he would help them because one of them had saved him from drowning in the river.

Remembrance poppies

Year 5 have been learning about Remembrance. They created some beautiful poppy pictures using ink, coffee filter papers, card and glitter. Mrs Laska created a stunning display using the children's artwork. I love the way each poppy is unique. Well done Year 5.

Fireworks in a jar!

Today year 5 had some scientific fun investigating what would happen if they poured a mixture of oil and food colouring into a jar of warm water. They discovered that a reaction occurred that looked like a series of tiny, colourful fireworks. Next we need to find out why this happened. Then we will think of a new question to investigate based on our findings.

Class 5 music

Today class 5 worked with Mrs Laska to produce musical notation and perform their own compositions.