Monday, 8 May 2017

Phases of the moon with Oreos!

Today we learned how ideas about the universe have changed over time. In 140 A.D. Ptolemy took measurements of the sky and came up with the 'geocentric theory' - that the Earth was the centre of the universe, and all the other planets and the sun orbited the Earth. This idea was believed until Galileo published the 'heliocentric theory' in the 1600s which stated that the sun was the centre of the universe. This idea was first discovered by Copernicus in the 1500s, but unfortunately he died in the same year as his discovery. Sadly for Galileo his theory got him into big trouble with the authorities. He was convicted of 'heresy' (having ideas that were different from the church) and put in prison.
We also learned about the phases of the moon and made models of the lunar cycle using Oreos! Yum!