Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Class 5 Water Cycle Learning

Learning this week so far!
Yesterday, the children in Class 5 made it rain in the classroom!! We conducted an experiment to demonstrate the water cycle within a plastic bottle using warm water and ice (I wonder whether your child can explain it to you).  ☔️

Today, Class 5 went outside (in the sunshine) to create and perform roleplay in groups of three. The children were tasked with re-enacting the journey of a water droplet in the water cycle. There were some dramatic performances from certain children (you know who you are!) The class have learnt about the recycling process of water that involves: evaporation, condensation and precipitation. See if your child to explain it to you.

Also today, we learnt about how much water in the world is salt water and how much is fresh water. We predicted the amount of each and were shocked to find out that 97.2% of the world's water is salt (sea) water. Below is a model to represent the different amounts of water (left to right- whole, salt, fresh):

Many thanks,
Mr. Marks!